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How to make the most of your gym membership at Fitness & Wellbeing Hub

Are you making the most of the tools and services available to you? Here is a quick list of stuff you should be doing to achieve your goals:

Keep EGYM up to date. Even if you are not using these machines regularly make sure you update your stats once a month. You can do this by completing strength tests and adding your weight into the app. This will keep your biome up to date and help you track whether coming to the gym is doing something.


Add other equipment to your EGYM routine. Simply adding 15 minutes of cardio equipment can double your calorie burn in a single visit to the gym. Targeting specific muscle groups with certain equipment can also help you improve the chances of completing goals. If you need an additional programme of exercise to help you, contact Charli for a free workout


Are you utilising classes? They are fun interactive and effective workouts. If you are new to classes or looking to make a come back, start with a 30 minute class. You can also use SMART START in any class, for Les Mills Classes this means that you will leave after 4 songs and then try and add a song each week until the full class is completed.


Mix cardio and strength training in your weekly routine. It's important to have a mixture of these two types of training, strength training tones and burns lots of calories after the workout and cardio exercise burns lots of calories in the moment. Combining these two benefits gets the best weight management results.


STRETCH! Use the amazing equipment we have available. these machines have been clinically proven to improve mobility and prevent injury. If you've forgotten how to use these pieces, then please contact Charli for a free reintroduction


Set yourself up for success outside the gym. if you spend 3 hours a week in the gym, there's still 165 hours a week to work towards your goals or hinder your results. Make sure you have a high step count of 10k a day to lose weight and have sorted your food situation out.


Have you started EGYM+? We start everyone on our basic workout which switches from regular to negative training, but we actually have targeted workouts for better results. Again please contact Tom or Charli for a change of programme to EGYM+


Are you participating in events and challenges? On our members app there are always challenges for you to join for a competitive kick up the back side. We also run lots of events for les Mills, Menopause, weight lifting and other community initiatives, we welcome everyone to participate in these events and they are often free.

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