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More about us...

Want to train like a VIP? At our clean, modern training facilities you will. Every inch of our gym is designed to work for our clients from the innovative exercise equipment to the therapy room. We want to help you get in to the best shape of your life. 

Take your workout to the next level with the latest EGYM equipment that remembers your profile and equipment settings for the ultimate workout in just 30 minutes. Plus, a cardio floor, dedicated stretch room, exercise studio and more!

With great classes and FABULOUS staff, Fitness & Wellbeing Hub is the community you need to be part of.

Facilities: Facilities


I love the classes...

I love the group exercise classes, particularly the high energy ones, they are a fantastic work out and allow people to work at their own level.


They also make a huge positive impact to my mental wellbeing. Working as a group and the chance for a brief chat with friendly, welcoming people is often the highlight of my day and is a huge boost.

Wish I'd found this place sooner

If you want a gym that feels inclusive and none judgemental then this is the place for you, there are no mirrors on the walls and the equipment is always available especially with the EGYM as you just jump on behind the next person!

The classes are fab, lots of options for daytime and evening classes. I have tried several gyms/fitness classes in the area over the years and I’m gutted that I hadn’t found this gym sooner!!

This gym makes me feel happier

I can often arrive at the gym feeling tired, anxious and stressed. Taking part in group exercise lifts my spirits and makes me feel part of a fitness community.


I leave the gym with tired muscles and a smile on my face, feeling 100% better. I love having The fitness & well-being hub in my life.

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