FIT IN 30 is a simple to use circuit, designed to help drive your biological age lower than your actual age. This can be achieved with just two 30 minute sessions per week, and is suitable for all abilities.

How Does It Work?

Start with a 2 minute warm up on the 4 FLEXX machines in our

stretch room. Then begin your workout on the 8 EGYM Smart

Strength machines, with two full circuits taking you 28 minutes.


What Are The Benefits?

  • Our machines condense a 60 minute workout down to 30 minutes, by removing the wait time for machines to become available and the setting up of equipment

  • The workout improves your metabolic rate to control weight

  • The workout improves bone health and muscle mass to slow functional decline

  • Regular workouts prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes

  • There are 8 personalised programmes to help you achieve your goals


Equipment in the FIT IN 30 Circuit