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Our Gym in Didcot, what it's like to be a member.

We believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training. We use technology to make exercise as easy as possible. But what will your journey at Fitness & Wellbeing Hub actually be like?

Well firstly, you need to know why I set this gym up in the first place. I had some specific aims, things that I thought were fundamentally wrong with big high street gyms that do not serve the needs of a large proportion of the population.

These problems are:

  • Gyms are over subscribed, so you can never access the facility you pay for.

  • Fitness is a personal service but you have very little personal interaction with gym staff and managers.

  • Gyms are full of egos which intimidate those of us that have little to no ego.

  • Classes are always over subscribed.

  • Classes have no quality control, so the managers never know if the instructor is good or not.

  • You always forget what to do with the equipment after your induction.

  • You never know what to do in the gym, you just randomly use the equipment you like.

  • It's never easy to get help and advice about fitness. (without paying for personal training)

What will my member journey look like?

New to club

We start you off with a 45 minute induction in the gym. In this initial meeting we get to know you as a person and then focus the induction around your likes, dislikes and goals. We'll spend most of our time setting up the SMART equipment on FITIN30. We'll then show you around our members app which directly links to the gym equipment. Finally we'll stay with you on the equipment until you are an expert on it's use.

After the Induction

Once the inductions done you are free to use the facility as you see fit. We encourage everyone to use the FITIN30 equipment twice a week as well as some classes.

Our equipment remembers who you are whenever you sign in, it will setup your seat and weights automatically and will automatically track your exercise programme.

Every 6 workouts the machines will automatically ask you to do a strength test, this allows for the workout weight to changed every 6 workouts, meaning you will have continuous progress.

Try a class

Classes are a huge part of the culture of our gym. We'll recommend good classes to start with when we induct you, but the best advice is to give everything ago. There are no egos here and every member is very supportive as they've all been in your shoes so know what it's like.

After 6 Visits

After your 6th FITIN30 workout we'll also invite you to learn some other exercises on different equipment across the gym, that will compliment your SMART workout.

After 12 Visits

Here we will invite you to join EGYM+. This is a free upgraded exercise programme which will allow you to access 18 months for exercise programmes with 4 different games that you can play on the machines.

Beyond 12 Visits

We have a large event 3 months, a continuously growing group exercise timetable, new equipment and new staff coming in all the time, at every interval you will be invited to take part and learn along with us. Becoming apart of our awesome fitness community.

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