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Didcot Food Bank Events

We are proud to support our local food bank, which supports thousands of people in our community every year. 

An Emergency Foodbank is a practical, community-based project aimed at providing short term relief by giving food to people in crisis in our local area. The Didcot Emergency Foodbank serves Didcot and the immediate surrounding villages. 

The Foodbank is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11am to 1pm at Didcot Baptist Church, Wantage Road, Didcot. 

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What we do...

We've found an amazing way to support our local food bank. Our live events are giant exercise classes in our state of the art gym. For entry we ask that participants bring a minimum of 4 items that's can be donated to the food bank. New then collect all the donations and deliver to the food bank.


To date we have donated over 900 food items with our biggest collection for a single event being 450 items, we hope to beat this total on our next event.






Weight Lifting Competitions

Available only to our gym members, we host a weight lifting competition every 3 months to help keep members motivated and to give them a goal to work towards with their fitness. 

We cover deadlift, chest press and squats. Members can ask for coaching on these 3 exercises at any time during their membership with us. 

Next date to be confirmed.

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