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Frequently Asked Questions


1 / What do I do if I've lost or forgotten my wrist band?

If you arrive to the gym and don't have a wrist band, you can borrow one from us for the session. If you have lost the band and need a replacement, you'll need to pay £10.00.

2 / My Membership is about to end, what happens next?

All memberships when they come to the end of there minimum term go onto a 30 day rolling contract until you say stop. The monthly fee will stay at the same rate that you signed up form even if you joined us on an offer. 

3 / Can I freeze my membership?

Yes if you need to freeze your membership due to travel, illness or injury we can set your membership to freeze for a period of 1 to 6 months. A small fee will be payable every month of £5-£10. The benefit of freezing means you don't waste time with your contract and it will keep your current price rolling over once the freeze ends. 

4 / How do I cancel my membership?

All of our membership agreements require 30 days notice from your previous payment. You will also need to be out of your contract minimum term in order to cancel. There are some situations where cancellation is possible before your minimum term ends, see section 7 of your membership agreement. 

Cancelling your direct debit at the bank before informing us of your cancellation will result in any outstanding fees being sent to a credit control company. 

For all cancellation queries contact us directly 01235 612980 or 

5 / I'm bored or demotivated with the gym, what do I do?

First thing to note, is this normal and really common so you are not alone. Here's a quick checklist of things to try. 

  • Ask us for a gym programme so you can explore more machines in the gym, targeted towards your goals

  • Try all of the classes. Testing the water with classes you may stumble across something that you end up loving. 

  • Ask others in the gym to workout with you. If you don't feel confident enough to approach people, we can find you a gym buddy. 

  • Have your EGYM programme changed to an EGYM+ programme, this is more focussed to your goals and will present you with some new games. 

6 / I'm injured, what exercise can I do?

Get in touch with Tom, describing the issues you are having. We'll decide what exercise and classes you can do, we'll even give you some rehabilitation exercises to do in the gym and at home for free. 

7 / What's the code to use the members app?

When prompted for a brand code on the members app, enter fitnesswellbeinghub 

8 / What's your opening hours?

We are open 7am to 9pm Monday to Thursday, close at 8pm Friday and are open 9am to 1pm weekends. 

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