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1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

The cost of a meal from The 1:1 Diet gives so much more than a plate full of food. For an average of £2.78 per meal, you're getting:
A scientifically-validated Plan developed for YOU
A dedicated Consultant (that's me!) who is a cheerleader, a friend and a go-to for product knowledge and diet advice.
Meals that have your daily requirements of essential nutrients that are calorie counted to fit into your Plan.



Choose a Plan that works for you
Choose delicious, nutritionally complete meal replacement products
Choose free one-to-one support with me, your very own dedicated Consultant.
Choose value-for-money products delivered in a way that suits YOU
Choose to be part of a wider supportive community
Choose to live the life you want
Choose YOU!
I'm here for YOU, so contact me today to get started. #One2OneDiet #Time2ChooseYou #ChooseYou

My Story

Hi Guys, my name's Tom and I'm your 1:1 Diet Plan Consultant! For years now, I've really struggled with my weight, as a personal trainer I found that exercise did a lot for me, but didn't quite get me to where I wanted to be in terms of my weight and overall appearance. The 1:1 diet really worked for me as the foods were super easy to prepare and it took very little effort for me to follow the plan. With the added bonus of working in the leisure industry for over 15 years, I've got a good grasp of what conventional foods should be consumed as you bring yourself up the 1:1 weight plan steps into what we would define as a "new normal" diet. 

Start your journey with me today and I guarantee you will enjoy the process of losing weight and do it with absolute ease. 

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