How to improve at Les Mills BODYCOMBAT

Updated: Jun 28

This blog is updated each month to add a new piece of advice from our instructors to improve in your BODYCOMBAT classes.

How a step box can help your BODYCOMBAT kicks!

In Les Mills BODYCOMBAT we see a lot of hopping and jumping movements. In a class it’s not always possible to perfect the action as you have limited time before the track moves on.

To help your body cope with the stresses of these types of exercise try incorporating explosive exercises in your training.

Next time you’re in the gym, grab a step box and practise one footed and two footed box jumps. Do 15 jumps then rest, do 3 sets.

Not only does this improve the power your muscles can deliver it also gives you muscle memory ready for the class.

How to improve in your Les Mills BODYCOMBAT class

Shall I do 1700 crunches or Les Mills BODYCOMBAT? by Tom Shaw

Movement patterns in martial arts are based on perfect body control, which hugely rely on strong core stabilization. Take my BODYCOMBAT 90 Track which has the Kung Fu Cat Kick, In this we ask you to lean away from your kick and brace the core. When you accidently relax the core, you wobble and lose your form, thus proving you need those abs working to do the moves.

Martial arts experts refer to the core as the “power center”, in a BODYCOMBAT class every move involves the power house, Les Mills have studied this affect and came to the conclusion that in a typical class you will do the equivalent core activation as doing 1700 crunches!


BODYCOMBAT 91 Track 3 – What’s a body rip? by Susan Vickery

It’s been a while since we’ve seen body rip in a BODYCOMBAT release, but in 91 we see this strike as part of the first boxing combo in track three: jab x 8, body rip x 4, power hook x 2 . So what is it?

Let’s break it down…

The body rip is a body shot aiming for your opponent’s stomach.

Stance: This is a low strike, so from a wide, front stance, arch your back and keep your knees soft.

Strike: From boxing guard, punch your opponent’s stomach with your knuckles turned down (this is not to be confused with a body hook where knuckles face inwards!). Your elbows should be at 90 degrees when you strike and remain close to your body. When you execute the punch, your opposite hand remains in guard.

In 91 track 3 we have four fast body rips (right, left, right, left) in succession and so your upper body will rotate as you punch, but movement in your lower body should be minimal.

Now show me your pro body rips in your next BODYCOMBAT class!

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