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FWH is not like your "normal" gym. We pride ourselves in being different from the norm. We've created an inclusive environment for all, we have carefully selected equipment and designed our gym to create a non intimidating environment for you.


We also added lots of extra services to you for free to make your fitness journey as impactful as possible. If you have not succeeded using other gyms you are more likely to be successful with your goals with us! 

Smart Strength

We provide you with 8 electronic exercise machines for all muscle groups.


These machines:

  • Are touch screen

  • Track and control your data

  • Connect to your phone via our app

  • Have automatic settings meaning you don't have to set anything up

 Gym Programmes

Once you've mastered EGYM or you are starting to get bored, we'll arrange an appointment with a trainer to give you 3 new exercises to do on other gym equipment.


You can have these appointments whenever you want for free!



We pride ourselves in delivering the best classes that are not just a class but an experience.


Not sure where to start? We can advice you on which classes best suite your goals and interests.

We also actively try to avoid full classes, yes it happens sometimes but if it happens regularly we will add another class of that same type. 

 Challenges & Events

We have multiple events and challenges every month. These include drives for local food banks, weight lifting challenges, fitness races and virtual app challenges. You can join whenever you want, opportunities are always there. 



We're our members biggest cheerleaders, we even like to eward them for their efforts.


Follow along with 3 tier reward programme at your own pace to get some awesome prizes. 

 Members App

Our app isn't just a place to book into classes, oh no its much more!

  • Track your progress on machines

  • View and monitor your Bioage

  • Challenge other members

  • Use activity points to set personal goals

  • Create and view digital workouts


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