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Which gym equipment is best for my bum?

As a nation we are obsessed with our rears, growing trends in fitness are to build up our butt muscles to give ourselves a certain physical look which is very on trend on social media right now. The trend is so strong that even the NHS are jumping on the band wagon. Don't believe me, check it out.

Equipment you should use

  • Squat rack

Using the rack you should try barbell squats. A high rep and low weight approach will help tone up the glute muscles as well as the legs.

  • Barbell

Deadlifts are a great way to use the glutes in a power move. Try going light but make sure you have a full range of movement. This means going from the floor to a full straight standing position, also when you're at the top standing, squeeze your butt cheeks together.

  • Slam Balls

Originally designed for conditioning the exercise of picking the Gallup and slamming it to your feet can replicate the barbell squat. With this your heart rate jumps up rapidly so you burn more calories than a traditional squat. Try doing as many as possible in 30 seconds. 4 sets.

  • Les Mills BODYPUMP

Ok not exactly equipment but this class certainly hits the mark when it comes to the booty. With tracks purely dedicated to the legs and bum it's the perfect fitness class for anyone looking to build up the butt!

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