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How to improve at Les Mills BODYSTEP

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

This blog is updated each month to give you up to date advice to improve in Les Mills BODYSTEP

Learning BODYSTEP basics by Sarah Harcourt

In Les Mills BODYSTEP you will use the step to elevate the intensity of your workout. It is an amazing fun high energy mixed interval cardio and lower body training class. There are always low options for each exercise off the step but practicing using the step outside the class will help familiarise and orientate yourself with this great piece of gym equipment.

It will allow you to move across the step safely and effectively and get the most out of this amazing workout by building up to higher options quicker.

Try adding the following exercises to your own workouts for a cardio kicker!

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds then take a 20 seconds recovery break and complete this 3 times:

  • Run on and step off the centre of the step

  • Knee lifts from right corner to left corner (add a jumping knee if you can)

  • Speed tap ( stand at the back of the step, lean forward and tap back right then left foot as fast as you can)

Improve at Les Mills BODYSTEP

A fun, full-body cardio workout? Les Mills BODYSTEP by Sarah Harcourt

Running, cycling and walking all have immense cardio benefits. But the best full-body workouts include a mix of moves and exercises that work not just your cardiovascular system (to get your heart pumping) but have strength perks, too. In combination, you build a stronger, more resilient body while lowering stress hormones and releasing endorphins.

Those clever people at Les Mills have designed BODYSTEP to work the legs with a mixture of upbeat, rhythmic stepping, squatting and lunging patterns. To ensure a complete workout they have also thrown in movements like burpees, push ups and weight plate exercises. Mix this with great, fun music and an engaging and enthusiastic instructor (*ahem* me!) you will be well on your way to torching 400-500 calories per class. Give it a try. Your butt and thighs will thank you.

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