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Updated: Apr 26

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"Long-term workout progress requires new stimuli on a regular basis" by

Periodisation (i.e. regular introduction of new workout stimuli in phases) sustains workout progress and prevents plateaus (stagnation). As a result, the muscle cannot adapt to any single type of exercise and must continually adjust. We have put these theoretical findings into practice by implementing them in our strength training machines.

After using a workout method for six sessions, the software automatically changes the exercise schedule to prevent the user’s progress from stagnating. It also adds variety to your workouts and keeps you motivated through constantly new challenges.

The exercise routine is changed every six weeks. We recommend kicking things off with strength endurance. This will let you gain a solid muscular foundation before switching to hypertrophy or muscle building. Afterward, intramuscular coordination should be trained to increase your maximum strength. This mainly focuses on the simultaneous innervation of many muscle fibers. The various types of working out differ in how the exercises are carried out, the intensity of the exercises, and the number of repetitions.

EGYM machines in Didcot
EGYM Chest Press


What does the imbalances section of the bird age mean? by Tom Shaw

Go to your bio age and click the "strength" age, on this page click "muscle health" at the bottom, here you can your imbalances. Muscular imbalance means that the originally balanced state of muscular tension is off-kilter, and some muscles are too tight or some not tight enough, leading to changes in strength and mobility.

If our body is in balance, then the left side is just as strong as the right. However, it’s possible for one of the two sides to become dominant if this balance is brought out of order by different influences, such as only working out on one side.

Don't worry if this section shows you some imbalances, EGYM is a push/pull all body workout, meaning over time this the machines will naturally pull or push you into alignment.

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