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Updated: Jun 28

“I’m really excited to be part of the launch of BodyBalance" by Jo Brock

So what is BodyBalance? We start with tai-chi to warm our bodies and release tension. We then move into yoga moves but it’s not your average yoga class. What makes it unique and special is that’s it's choreographed to wonderful music, we also use pilates to work the core.

The class finishes with a few minutes of relaxation to calm and settle the mind. BodyBalance has many proven benefits including lowering body fat percentage, increasing flexibility and easing certain mental health issues. And the best thing? It’s suitable for all - all ages, all abilities!

‘Is there a traditional yoga pose suitable for everyone and makes you feel powerful and strong? by Jo Brock

Yes, warrior 2. In the latest BodyBalance release 95, warrior 2 is featured in the sun salutation and one of the standing strength tracks.

Warrior 2 is a big traditional standing pose. It develops leg and core strength and mobility in the hips and shoulders.

A powerful pose demands a powerful song. In BodyBalance 95 the standing strength track is ‘Lions’ by Skip Marley, grandson of Bob Marley which represents courage.’


The new Les Mills BODYBALANCE release is out, hooray! by Jo Brock

It’s a truly wonderful release. Highlights include a beautiful tai-chi, one of their best, so flowing with the music and connecting movement to breath. A great sun salutation that adds on poses with each round. A very challenging core track with the best music of the release imo (shame it’s core, tee, hee!) If you weren’t sure where your 6 pack was, you will after this. We have two hamstrings tracks with long held stretches to release our hamstrings and bring relief to our lower back. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as me.

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