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Patient (S)- Depression & Anxiety


Patient S was a middle aged male with mental health issues. S was out of work due to their mental health and chronic musculoskeletal pains. The patient had tried holistic approaches to their mental health, as well as medications, but still felt low and anxious. The patient was referred by Didcot Primary Care.


Patient S was asked to complete a resistance training programme on our EGYM machines, the main aim for the patient was to attend 3 times a week, for 6 weeks. This would help Patient S manage the symptoms of their conditions, but would also allow them to get into a positive weekly routine of exercise.


Due to the dedication of Patient S, who successfully completed 18 workouts in 6 weeks, they have managed to adapt fitness into their weekly routine. They have successfully built muscles in their posterior chain, leading to them suffering less pain on a daily basis, which has led to them to be able to do manual work at home. This has also led to them feeling confident enough to attempt to return to work via a local employability scheme. The patient also reported a significant improvement in their daily mood, stating that they feel less lethargic after exercising which sets them up for the day ahead. The patient has now continued as a "normal" gym member.

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