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Patient (R)- Long Covid


Patient R was an active member of the gym, participating in exercise 3-5 times a week, doing a variety of group exercises classes as well as gym workouts. Outside of the gym R has two children and works a full time job. R is a 42 year old female with a BMI of 23.0 and an EGYM Biological age of 46.


Patient R caught COVID in September 2021, her symptoms were moderate but afterwards was affected severely by Long COVID. Symptoms included breathlessness, chronic fatigue, nausea and soreness of the joints. R was signed off work sick and referred to the NHS long COVID clinic by her GP but is still waiting for the appointment.

Exercise Referral

R decided to self refer to our exercise referral programme. When she restarted the gym her biological age had changed to 51 years with her bodies strength now being the age of a 62 year old. R couldn’t do a lot in the gym so was

instructed to do 1 resistance machine and 2

minutes on a recumbent cycle. Each gym visit

R was instructed to add a new resistance machine

and an additional 2 minutes on the cycle.


4 weeks after the referral R was able to complete

16 resistance machines as well as 30 minutes of

rigorous cardiovascular exercise, her biological age

had returned to its pre covid level. After 6 weeks R

had returned to work and was now running a short

distance outside. R is still suffering with fatigue and

finds daily life very taxing, but all other symptoms

have subsided. ​

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