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Working with Oxford Creators, Didcot by Tom Shaw

Fitness & Wellbeing Hub are pleased to announce our new partnership with Didcot based charity Oxford Creators. We are helping deliver an alternative education provision for secondary school children in Oxfordshire. The 1 term turn around programme started this year, with the aim to help students in local schools to stop a cycle of bad behaviour that may inevitably lead to them being permanently excluded.

We do this by:

  • Teaching real business and professional skills that students can use in school and the world of work.

  • Focus on therapeutic therapies that helps the person understand themselves better.

  • Work on building strength and physical fitness so exercise can be used to relieve stress and boost self esteem.

  • Develop communication skills so that students can confidently express themselves.

Oxford Creators
Oxford Creators

A typical day at Oxford Creators 1 term turnaround

Arriving at 10am we start with some reflection on the last 7 days and a therapeutic therapy activity, done as a group, it's good to openly share experiences and understand each other at a deeper level.

After the opening activity, students split off with different mentors, one will do fitness in the gym here at Fitness & Wellbeing Hub. Physical activities are closely linked to the therapeutic aim of the week and will aim provide one tool that the student can use outside of the session.

Meanwhile the other student is learning new digital skills, that they can then use in the real world, we use skills like podcasting to help students express themselves creatively whilst developing professional communication skills.

At the end of the term we hope that the student has learnt a lot about themselves and started to change their negative behaviour within school, they will also have a set of digital assets that they can use for applying for work or further education.

What it's like being a mentor?

It's a very interesting role that comes with it's own unique set of privileges. Quite often I can relate to the types of student we have here, this means I can emphasise with them and give them practical advice that they've not heard before from other professionals. Most of the students seem to remember something I say to them, so that's a huge win in my books as I know I've had some sort of positive impact on this young persons life.

To find out more about Oxford creators and the amazing services they operate in our local area, please visit the website. By the way they always looking for volunteers and corporate sponsors, so if you think you can help then get in touch with them today!

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