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Didcot’s Newest Fitness Facility and Their Fight Against Long COVID

On 12th April 2021, a new fitness facility opened on Southmead Industrial Estate, Didcot; Fitness & Wellbeing Hub has been established by local trainer Tom Shaw and his team of fitness experts.

The facility is not just a “normal” gym, as they have imported high-tech resistance equipment from German supplier EGYM, which is designed to provide users with a guided, safe and effective workout experience. EGYM have developed various types of training programmes for the equipment, with programmes focused on weight loss, athletic training and rehabilitation from illness or injury to name a few. With regular progress reviews scheduled within the programmes, users can expect to see consistent improvements in their fitness.

As well as its high-tech equipment, Fitness & Wellbeing Hub are also taking the very unique stance of seeking to help every single gym member with free help and support whenever they want it. “Our members get a wide range of support from their phones and on the machines automatically, however our team is what makes us special” said Fitness & Wellbeing Hub Director, Tom. “Our team makes sure that every person’s needs are understood before they work with them, they also actively track a member’s progress in the hope to spot when their exercise programme isn’t quite going right, this is a common practise we use in personal training, but everyone gets the benefit of it.”

Our Fight with Long COVID

Although COVID-19 has affected everyone, a silent new threat is looming, the condition which is being commonly referred to as Long COVID. As of 6th March 2021, the Office of National Statistics highlighted that 1.1 million people have reported suffering from Long COVID, with 674,000 of these reporting that symptoms affect the day-to-day activity.

How does Fitness & Wellbeing Hub hope to help with Long COVID?

“Over the various lockdowns, we’ve been keeping up with new studies being published about Long COVID; with common symptoms being fatigue or respiratory related, it has become obvious that a really well thought out exercise programme could support people in returning to their pre-COVID fitness levels. Improving the body’s health means simple things like doing the gardening or going to work can become possible once more. Anyone coming to us with Long COVID symptoms will be assessed by one of our level 4 personal trainers and be provided with a specific EGYM programme, plus some exercise to do outside of the gym. This blended approach means the patient will see a significant improvement in their health within 4-6 weeks.”

How can someone get access to this programme?

“We have been working closely with the NHS, Didcot Primary Care, Age UK and local charity SOFEA for some time now; increasing awareness of our GP referral scheme. This means that anyone that needs a referral can contact Tom or their GP to get started. Referrals are just a one off fee of £20 for the 6 week programme”

Fitness & Wellbeing Hub now looks to grow its customer base whilst supporting the local community; for more information contact

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