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Motivation 2

Reset Your Goals

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will. If you are finding it hard to achieve your goals or you've simply lost momentum in achieving them. Hit a reset button and try for new goals. One way you can do this is by attending one of our NEW health checks. Starting on the 8th November, you can come in for the following checks:

  • BMI

  • Body Fat %

  • Blood Pressure

  • Fitness Test (step box test)

Once you've had the assessment, you can then create a micro goal for each of them.

Another way to set new goals is to use EGYM. Go back to the original goal you would have set when you arrived here, lowering your biological age or improving the strength tests on each of the machines. Unsure on how to improve these, just get in touch for an EGYM appointment and we'll go through your data with you.

Make Fitness Switches

If your old fitness routine can no longer fit into your lifestyle because the kids are back to school or you've been made to work back in the office, then it's probably time to set a new weekly routine that will work. Ok it sucks that you can't do that one class that you really love, but think about the overall goal and prioritise hitting it by switching to a new class or gym routine. Again, the team is here to help you decide what a weekly routine could look like for you, so get in touch if you want some advice in setting one.

Friends that sweat together, progress together

Right, so our latest 'Refer a Friend' offer is to help our small business boost its memberships, but honestly I cannot think of time that I have trained with someone in a regular routine and not succeeded in fitness. Whether it's having a pal in BODYCOMBAT that makes you want to kick a little harder, or having a buddy to chat next to you on the EGYM machines and take your mind of those damn coins, the principle is always the same, other people hold you accountable to your fitness and can often make you push that bit harder.

So who have you got in your life that would be a perfect gym buddy?

Knowledge is power

Going back to fitness and weight loss goals, with a goal in your head, you also need to know what route to take on your journey to get to your destination. If you have got the time, then read up on dieting and exercise routines that can help you achieve your goals. Presently, there are millions of resources online that can help you out AND if you read something that you are not sure about, then talk to one of our trainers to see what their opinion is.

Not a lot of gyms can say this, but we actively love getting emails and having off the cusp conversations with you guys about this sort of stuff, it's our bread and butter and the reason why we do Talking Space on Sundays. If you wanted to go that extra mile to get the knowledge and wisdom that you need, you can also hire our trainers for their time. Usually, a course of 6 to 8 weeks training with a decent trainer should give you all the tools you need for life.

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