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Stage 1:- Reflection

It's been a hell of a long year, so this part is hard. Try and answer these questions.

  • Why did you join the gym in the first place? What was your aim?

  • What part of going to the gym did you think would help towards the aim?

  • Did you achieve it?

  • Did the reason for coming to the gym suddenly change? If so why?

  • What was your favourite experience?

Stage 2:- Refocus

Here you need to set new goals for 2022. Sometimes this is easy as you can circle back around to previous goals and knuckle down to get it done, but if you are struggling for motivation you may want to consider a run or walking challenge for charity?(

Signing up for a sporting challenge or event like this not only holds you accountable to saying you will do something, it also gives you a time frame in which to work to and gives you focus for exercise....

Stage 3:- Train SMART

So now you know what your goal is, it's time to train SMART. By this we mean, are you doing the right exercise for what you are trying to achieve?

For example if you want to run a 10k race next year, yes you need to run, but do you also know you need to do a substantial amount of core work to support your lumbar spine?

This is where we come in!! Once you've completed stage 3 of this reflection, email me your fitness goals for 2022 and I'll help you devise a specific plan to be successful in your fitness endeavours. By the way this is free and is something we are willing to do whenever you want! This is something you won't get at a corporate gym so well done you for making the right choice in gym! :)

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