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Diet Plan

Weight Loss Didcot

Join the same journey as many of my clients with weight loss. Combine a light exercise routine with a calorie controlled diet for an effective and long lasting weight loss. It is not uncommon for clients to lose a stone within the first 4 weeks. 

All About It

Getting Started 

You'll be placed in a group of like minded individuals that have exactly the same goals as you. The group will be established at the same time, so everyone will be at the same point of their journey. Together we will establish a weight loss goal and set a routine for food and exercise that you will follow. 


Over the next few weeks you will replace meals with 1:1 Diet products, controlling your calories, reducing carbohydrates and focusing on daily/ weekly habits that may be affecting your size. Number of meal replacements is down to you, but will affect the price you pay per week.


Exercises in our session will include a mixture of aerobic and strength exercises will that will be fun and challenging. We'll also set a routine for outside the gym, that will help you burn 2500 calories a week which is the equivalent of 1lb of fat a week.  


All prices listed below include out of session support and the 60 minute PT session per week:

  • 1 Meal replacement a day. £30 a week.

  • 2 Meal replacements a day. £50 a week

  • 3 Meal replacements a day. £70 a week

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