About Tom

As well as being a personal trainer, Tom is a qualified sports massage therapist.

Tom has worked more than 14 years in the leisure industry in a number of roles; this has given him the knowledge to be a trainer with the passion for getting results for his clients.

Specialising in weight loss and athlete development, Tom has worked with a wealth of different clients, for which he has provided bespoke 1:1 and small group personal training sessions.

Services Offered

1:1 Personal Training

Sports Massage Therapy

Injury and Trauma Rehabilitation


Training Philosophy

Since qualifying as a personal trainer, I have experimented around with many forms of training styles and even more types of equipment. As a result of this experimentation with training in and out of the gym, I now believe in these statements:

Training should always be fun and always challenging. When one of those elements is missing something's gone wrong.

You should never feel nervous or anxious about doing something in the gym. If you do then stop.

Weight exercises should always be accompanied with cardio exercises for improving overall fitness levels.

Nutrition should be easy and tailored to your life. Yo-Yo diets never work in the long term.

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iTRANSFORM is a combination of 8 years working as  personal trainer with hundreds of clients. Along the way I have made lots of mistakes and learnt many lessons. Now with iTRANSFORM I have developed a fantastic 10 week body transformation programme


  • You will be asked to complete 2 hours of personal training a week with their group. 

  • You will need to follow a strict eating programme. 

  • You will need to do 2 hours of exercise as set by the trainer. 

What will be achieved?

  • I will lose fat.

  • I will gain muscle mass.

  • I will change shape.

  • I will hit my individual goals.