About Terez

What makes Terez special is that she is a qualified and currently practising Operating Department Practitioner in theatre. She has knowledge and experience in assisting in laparoscopic and open surgeries.


Terez started training as a Soft Tissue Therapist not to change her career, but to better her son's life. Due to her son's constant sensory needs as well as anxiety, she wanted to find a way to support him as he grew up. This has led her to holistic approaches to help autistic and other special and mental health needs. This can be from breathing exercises to understanding and identifying when the body is tense.


Terez also made the connection between her operating department practitioner knowledge and her soft tissue therapy skills, which has to led her to rehabilitation before and after surgery.


Services Offered


Musculoskeletal assessment and injuries

Sports and soft tissue massage

Muscle energy technique

Soft tissue release

Neuromuscular technique

Positional release technique


Treatment Philosophy


My treatment philosophy begins with an in-depth examination and engagement with my clients. I ask questions to build a bigger picture, to ensure a full posture assessment is undertaken so that I can rule out musculoskeletal chain effect. 


During treatment, I will use many of the skills and techniques I have learnt in order to support and help my client in their treatment. Aside from this, I will support them in learning further exercise that will reinforce their treatment at home, by themselves.

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