About Sarah

Sarah has always had an interest in keeping fit and active. She decided to take this more seriously last year and qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She is married with 2 teenage daughters (plus 2 cats and a puppy) and showing them and their friends that it is important to keep fit and healthy by leading by example is important to her.


Sarah enjoys working with all clients, but has an interest in keeping women and teenagers fit and healthy, and showing them that strength training is not something to be scared of and can be really rewarding.



Services Offered

1:1 Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Exercise Classes


Training Philosophy

I believe that everyone can make a change no matter their shape, size or age. Small and consistent steps are the way to make progress.

I try to make my training sessions and classes fun, whilst also being challenging and varied. When you get bored you lose interest.

I believe a good mix of strength and cardio exercises creates the right balance for general fitness.


I do not recommend fad diets as they have a short term impact and cannot be sustained long term.


I don't like using scales as a progress measure. I would rather you could see for yourself how much you have changed by feeling more comfortable and confident in your clothes.

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